ELKS 157 Hardin County Fair Booth Wrap-up

The 2018 Hardin County Fair is one for the history books – I don’t remember another where there was almost a 35-degree drop in temperature in less than 72 hours, from a sweltering and humid 95 to a chilly and wet 60. Definitely a challenge for all in-volved, to say the least!

Thanks to all our Elks members and friends who helped in any way with the booth, from preparation and set-up, to occupation, to tear-down and clean-up: Bob & Terri Buroker, Robynn McCune, John Hines, Tom & Marj Wingfield, Dave & Judy Faulkner, Kathy Hilty, Dave & Connie Beazley, Nathan & Antwilla Davis, Gatlin Davis, Dustin McCullough, Justin Draper, Marty & Vicki Miller, Sally Bacon, Mike Sturgeon, Joel Althauser, Dee Park, Jim & Judi Candler, Isabella Dray, Gina Hoelscher, Mike & Shelly Fannon, Todd Daquino, Phylissa Newland, Jack & Sue Buroker, Kevin McPherson, Keith Gibson, Andrew Tudor, Roger Crowe and Jerry Haud-enschield.


This year’s contest was to guess the correct number of mints in a quart mason jar without going over. There were 73 mints in the jar, and three adults actually guessed the correct amount. A winner was drawn from the three names; winning the American Flag porch kit was JON MORRISON of Dunkirk.

A separate contest was held for kids from 8th grade and younger. KATE STAHLER of Mt. Victory was the closest girl entrant with a guess of 72; the boy winner was KYLE KIRK of Kenton with his guess of 70 mints. Each youth won an Elks Drug Awareness backpack filled with art supplies.

Daily winners of a Kenton Elks 100th Anniversary glass stein filled with goodies were: Ashley Pitt, Vaughn Rall, Britton Bell, Karl Oberlitner, Rick Holcomb and Phyllis Sanders.

Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who stopped by to enter the contest or simply to just chat about the Elks .

Julie Crowe, Fair Booths Chairman