ER Michael Sturgeon’s Mission Is To Help Fund The Elks National Foundation

“Elks Care, Elks Share” is a phrase you probably have heard or read before and its something to think about even in times of struggle. Elks members must carry on with this noble mission. The Elks as a lodge has access to many different grants and luckily for us these applications are still being submitted and awarded.

One such Grant is known as the Gratitude Grant which can be used for local charitable activities and can range from $2,000 up to $3,000. We are happy to announce that the Kenton Elks 157 application has been accepted.

In the release from Exalted Ruler (ER) Michael Sturgeon, he says “That’s $2000 we get to put back in our community.”

Due to the current restrictions in place for the COVID-19 pandemic and the closure of the camp activities these funds unfortunately will not be going to help offset the cost of 4H camp for local youths this year. According to ER Michael Sturgeon they are going a different route “Our $2000 is going to the Hardin County United Way to help provide meals for the elderly.”

The Gratitude Grant is made possible thanks to our lodge members donating to the Elks National Foundation or ENF.

“Grand Lodge asks it’s members to give towards ENF. All the money given goes into an endowment fund in which the principal balance is never spent.” ER Michael Sturgeon goes on to say. “at the start of each year Grand Lodge has the interest earned to return to the lodges in grants and scholarships. Last year Grand Lodge had 39 Million dollars in interest to spend.” He explains that “For every $1 we give, we get $3 in return.”

All the grant money that the lodge receives comes from the ENF, they are responsible for all of the Elks local scholarships, the community grants which are used to improve Hardin County, and the Elks Youth Activities programs such as the Hoop Shoot and Soccer Shoot.

It looks like even more money could possibly be coming back to our community, also in the release from ER Michael Sturgeon he gives us something to look forward to. He says that he has been told “that if we have 15% of our members give to ENF, the value of the Gratitude Grant will increase from $2000 to $2500.”

ER Michael Sturgeon has made it his and the lodges mission to bring awareness to the charitable arm of the Elks and remind you of the Elks National Foundation. He asks that you “Please consider giving to this great charity which has given and will continue to give to our community time and time again.”

You can learn more about the Elks National Foundation and how to give by clicking HERE.