Get Involved

Elks 2019 Hoop Shoot

Studies have shown that volunteering on a regular basis has numerous personal health benefits! Increased physical and mental activity has bean shown to add to life longevity and overall health. Social benefits include making new friends, being part of a team, and feeling needed as you make an impact on people’s lives. Gain a sense of pride, satisfaction and achievement by giving back to society!

Spending time at the Lodge is the best way to really know what is going on at the Lodge. Many new members, for what ever reason, do not feel comfortable in their new surroundings. Well, it is EVERYONE’S Lodge, so come on in and GET comfortable. How else are you going to meet the other members. Just walk up or sit down, or jump right in.

2019 Gun Raffle

Volunteering is the perfect way to get acquainted with YOUR new Lodge and the members you haven’t met yet. Remember, the Lodge is full of friendly, like-minded people just like you.

  • What are your interests?
  • See something that could use some fixing up?
  • Something that could be built?
  • Weeds to pull?
  • Paint to touch-up?
  • Landscaping to attend to?
  • Have some ideas for functions or entertainment?
  • Like to cook?
  • Like to help out with event setup and decorating?
  • Like charity work?

Your Lodge has it all. Come on down and join in the fun! We’ll be waiting to help you get it done!   

We have a Volunteer information sheet in the lobby that list some of the people to contact for volunteering.  If you don’t see what you are interested in, see the secretary and give her your name and phone # so someone can contact you. 

We would love to include you in our Volunteer Team by looking for opportunities below or filling out our general contact form and someone will reach out to you about volunteering for the Elks 157.