Get Your Dues Paid and Ritual Team Going to Tampa; May’s ER Message from Nathan Davis Has Arrived

Fellow Elks,

I hope you all are enjoying the break in the weather and this all finds you healthy and happy. We have had a busy few weeks up here at the Club and LOVE seeing so many people up there!

The biggest item I want to address this month is Membership Dues. Our Lodge currently has a long list of people whom have not paid their dues yet. PLEASE get those in! With the vaccines being available and Ohio opening back up more and more, Kenton Elks #157 is looking to take advantage of this by hosting several events and special evenings in the coming months. However, WE NEED THOSE DUES PAID! Being a member of this lodge bring so many privileges and advantages to ourselves and families they are too hard to ignore. Please keep an eye for letters or check the corkboard by the bar and check the list to make sure your dues are paid.

Dart League has ended its first season and I want to thank John Hines for getting that going. This has been a great startup season and I look forward to seeing more members join the Dart League this fall. Golf League will be starting on May 5th and your Elks dues MUST be paid to play in that league.

Our Ritual team competed on April 24th at Columbus Grove City Lodge and have qualified for the national competition at Grand Lodge in Tampa, Florida! So, if you see any of those officers, with them luck and thank the coaches Jack Buroker, David Beazley and Jerry Haudenschield for their dedication and hard work. We are excited to move on to a “slimmed down” version of Grand Lodge in July, but we are still excited to be going.

Finally, I want to express my gratitude to anyone who has already donated to ENF this year so far. In the Northwest District alone, we have passed out $88,000 in grants to our local communities. The Elks National Foundation is a great program and is one of the most rewarding factors of being an Elk. The Federal Government is the only entity that passes out more money than the Elks. The only difference is that the Elks, does not require it to be paid back! When you pay your dues, remember that the funds our lodge obtains for grants and scholarships, ALL come from the ENF. So throw the ENF a $5 or $10 donation when you get a chance, it truly does make a difference!

Nate Davis, Exalted Rule