Justin Draper Was Presented The Officer Of The Year Award at Inaugural Ball on Saturday

Saturday evening during the Kenton Elks Inaugural Ball the Elks Officer of the Year Award was Presented by PER Todd Daquino to Inner Guard Justin Draper.

The Officer of the Year award is a way a Lodge can recognize a current Officer who has contributed over and above the duties of office toward the improvement of the Lodge and the Order. This Officer has shown leadership, contributed voluntarily to services and Committees, and has status among Members as an outstanding Elk.

Justin has been a driving force in improving technology in the Kenton Elks Lodge and Club. Some of his achievements include re-wiring and fixing the sound throughout the Lodge, programming the video beer tap and announcements board, adding LED lighting underneath the bar, and working on maximizing efficiency of our TouchTunes Jukebox machine, in addition to many more endeavors.

5 Star Website

Justin Overhauled our social media outreach and our website, which recently won a Top 5 Star Rating, best website in Ohio, and was one of only 12 Elks websites in the United States to receive the top award. He re-made the Queen of Hearts board to freshen it up and bring more attention to it. Has made significant contributions to Drug Awareness programming and donations, including shaving his beard at last state convention and donating the proceeds, and having a Magical Bartender event where his tips were donated to the cause. Those two events raised over $1,000 for Drug Awareness. Justin has also worked on bar committee to help improve the quality of our bar menu and our pricing.

Congratulations to Justin Draper the 2018-2019 Elks Officer of the Year!