Kenton Elks Americanism Contest Participant Ruby Styer Recognized For Placing at Districts

Ruby Styer Placed 3rd at Districts for Kenton Elks

The Kenton Elks held their annual Americanism essay contest for 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Participants from the 2 levels are selected from the group to be submitted to the NW district for judging.

Ruby Styer was one of the submitted level 1 entrants whose essay was sent to the district. She finished third in the district and received a $50 Visa gift card for her efforts. Congratulations to Ruby! Pictured with Ruby, on her left, is Leading Knight Michael Sturgeon. To her right is Exalted Ruler Derek Kaufman.

Read Ruby’s Essay here:

America is a beautiful country with plenty to do and see. When you take a closer look at America, it is even more wonderful than first thought. We have fought for citizens freedoms, have the ability to choose our path politically, and offer so much for people to do and see.

Think about your job and all of the opportunities you have had in life. We have the ability to choose our personal paths because previous generations have paved the way for us. Americans take pride in helping to prepare for our country’s future.

In class we have been learning about types of government. So, I can safely say that America is a democracy. I am proud of America for that, because it allows for us to have a say in how our lives are run. Instead of having one person control everything, all citizens have a Voice, which allows for fairness and equality. Some countries around the world do not allow citizens to have these types of decisions.

Another reason why I am proud of America is because of its natural beauty. Many countries are beautiful, but America is my favorite. We have so many different types of landscapes across the country, like the Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains.

Americans should be proud of our military because they devoted their lives to protecting our citizens and their freedoms. My grandfather, Jim Bramble, was in the Navy for most of his life, and my great-grandfather, Victor Moser, served in the Army Air Corps during World War ll, and was stationed in England.

I am proud of America and the opportunities that its citizens have. We should be thankful and not take any of them for granted.