Memorial Service Held Sunday Afternoon at Kenton Ellks 157

“The Hour of Eleven, with Elks, the Hour of Recollection”

The Memorial Service is a tradition among Elks to conduct a formal service in tribute to a member who had departed. The first Sunday of December is to be set aside to hold this solemn ritual in which the memory of our departed members are dedicated. The service was held on the afternoon of December 2nd in the lodge room surrounded by the beautiful stained glass memorial boards of memory.

This year we memorialized these departed members:

  • John Wilcox
  • Darrel Osborn
  • Robert W Kindell
  • Michael Wood
  • Charles Carson
  • David Deever
  • Harry Bailey, PER
  • Kenneth Rossman
  • Hugh Ries
  • Wilma Zuchetto
  • Norman Phillips
  • Charlene Penix
  • Robert Brindell

Many members attended the service to celebrate the memory of the lost and to dedicate “…their virtues upon the tablets of love and memory”.

Music for the service was provided by the Ken-tones, a special eulogy from Trustee John Hines PER, the lodge officers performed the ceremony, and pianist Judy Faulkner played during the prelude.

Please feel free to share your special memories of our departed members in the comment section below as the object of the Memorial Service is “to remind the living that our fellow Members are never forgotten.”