New Grand Lodge Rules Allow Video Conferencing for Lodge Meetings

Greetings Members, 

I want to keep you updated with changes to our lodge activities. By Grand Lodge statutes, a meeting must have 9 members present, 2 being elected officers, and it needs to be open to the membership. Holding meetings as we’re accustomed to is very difficult to accomplish with the “social distancing” rules handed down by our Governor. Grand Lodge has examined this situation and has a solution to the logistics of meetings. 

PGER Jim Nichelson has conveyed that Grand Lodge accepts videoconferencing as a means to have meetings and even encourages that method. Kenton lodge officers and trustees have already experimented with the Zoom app, and have found success! Moving forward, we at Kenton #157 will hold our lodge meetings on Zoom, on the usual scheduled days. The Lodge Secretary and myself will attend within the lodge, and all others will be online.

In order for all members to be able to attend lodge meetings, all interested members can email Todd at and ask for a link to the meeting. Log into the link the night of the meeting and you’re in.

The opening and closing are done in short version, and voting by ballot box won’t be done for obvious reasons. We are doing our best to keep things running as best we can.

Remember, if you request the link, don’t share it with nonmembers. They don’t pay dues and aren’t privileged to our business practices. I believe these changes will be successful for the time being, but I look forward to seeing you at traditional lodge meetings and other events in the near future. Be well members.

ER Michael Sturgeon