New Lodge Year Message From ER Nathan Davis

Fellow Elks,

Hello NEW LODGE YEAR!! Let us take a quick moment to thank PER John Hines for stepping in and finishing out this past Lodge year on a great note! He and a few other past officers stepped up to the plate and were able to turn a difficult situation into a smooth-running Lodge year in the middle of the Pandemic. Thank you John and your devotion to this Lodge makes me proud to be a member!

I cannot believe that I have been installed as your new Exalted Ruler. I want to thank everyone who came up that evening and it was a night I will never forget! Thank you to all the members for allowing me this honor for this Lodge year of 2021-2022. You will see a lot of the same Officers from years passed still involved and being around the Club and Lodge. So, take a minute to thank them for being so devoted to improving our Lodge and Club.

We have a couple new Officers for our Lodge this year. Derryck Menard will be stepping in as Esteemed Lecturing Knight so let us welcome him with open arms!

Judy Faulkner

Judy Faulkner has been our Organist for 25 years! She has made the difficult decision to step down and I want EVERYONE who sees her to THANK HER for her years of service. Judy has been a devoted Organist who was always there for all the meetings and Special Services we have on a yearly basis. I will miss her “spicy” tunes during the meetings and wish her the best of luck in her next adventure. Having the end of an era such as Judy will be some large shoes to fill, however I believe that Brian Sprang will be a fantastic new Organist and cannot wait to see what he has to offer.

My main message for this Lodge year is Charity. I am not just speaking about your wallets either. I am challenging the membership to be charitable with your time, friendship, and devotion. Being a person of Charity with a smile or being warming and welcoming to new members and guests is a simple challenge that we all can achieve. I am asking for your help to pitch in this year with your time, volunteer and get involved! If you cannot, that is fine, when you are up at the Club, be charitable with your smile and conversation! Being friendly, warming, and welcoming can improve someone’s day. Simply being welcoming with each other can be a beacon of friendship that we could all use a little more of.

I want to thank Chad Spencer for being Esteemed Leading Knight. Ryan Yoakum for being the Esteemed Loyal Knight, Derryck Menard as Esteem Lecturing Knight, Derek Kaufman for being Esquire, John Hines for being Chaplain and Todd Daquino for being Inner Guard. You all have me incredibly excited for what this Lodge Year has to offer and think we can accomplish some great things together. I also want to thank the backbone of our Lodge in the Trustees, Secretary, Treasurer and Tiler. Without your years of experience and knowledge, nothing would be accomplished. You all have laid a solid foundation for this Lodge to be built upon.

I promise that my notes every month won’t be this long, but I just want to get this year started on the right foot! I look forward to having a great year and SEE YOU AT THE CLUB!!!

Exalted Ruler Nathan Davis