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Queen of Hearts is back!

The return of the Queen of Hearts drawing is upon us! This revamped drawing has a couple different rules for the cost of tickets, what cards win, and the payout based on how much money is in the pot. We will still draw on Saturday nights at 9:00 and the all tickets must be purchased and turned in BEFORE 9:00 pm to be included in that weeks drawing.

If you haven’t played in the past, it is easy to play! There are envelopes 1-54 on the game board, and your goal is to pick the envelope that holds the Queen of Hearts. Purchase your tickets, and write your name and the number you are choosing on the ticket. If your ticket is chosen, we will open that envelope. The pot carries over each week, and just a few years ago, we got our drawing to $27,000! Here’s hoping we can build it to those heights again soon; our Club is a better place when there are big drawings.

Tickets will be sold for $1 each, or 12 tickets for $10 If your ticket is drawn and you draw a pay card, you will receive the pay card prize and the prize for that stage ticket drawing if you are present (Example: Stage 1, you pull a Joker. $10 for your ticket being drawn + $25 for a Joker = $35 total). If you are not resent you will only win that prize for your ticket being drawn. A second and third ticket will be drawn to win drink tokens.

Please remember the Queen of Hearts is designed to be not only a great membership perk and a chance to win money for the members, but also to he an opportunity for our Saturday evening attendance to build. I encourage you to come up to the lodge for the drawing each week; I would love to see us build the Queen of Hearts to new heights!